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Foods That Helped Me Heal -A Sneak Peak into My Shopping Carts.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Food will fight cancer...or feed it.

I read something on Instagram post that made me sad. A woman with cancer posted that she ate whatever she wanted. "Life is short!" she happily quipped. All I could think of was that now her life could potentially be far shorter.

And yet, it is really her fault? Has anyone told her differently?

I was listening to an interview with Liana Warner-Gray and Dr. Sherri Tennpenny. As many of you know, Liana's book, Cancer Free With Food, was an instrumental resource in my health journey. This interview is a wealth of information and an eye-opener to our health system. Highly recommend. One topic they discussed was how physicians have only between 0-4 hours of nutrition training. I asked a physician, relatively new in her field: was this also her experience?


If you are not frightened, I am.

So the question is: should we be seeking nutritional advice from someone essentially uncredentialed in this area? The answer is clear. A doctor friend of mine once told me that physicians are skilled in treating pathology. Not healing the body.

I had a compassionate and skilled team of doctors, and am truly grateful for their expertise and knowledge as resources for treating my cancer. But I understood my healing could not be solely reliant on them or medical treatment. With any disease, if we truly want to heal, we have to search far deeper. I knew treating the cancer symptoms alone (tumors) would not be enough. I needed to reach the root causes.

And for me, food was one of the contributors to my cancer's growth.

With the exception of the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Institute, not once did anyone ask me what I ate. Although I ate a fairly healthy diet, I was addicted to sugar and carbs. And for those of you who have been following my blog, cancer feeds on refined white sugar. Your physicians may tell you otherwise. Mine did. Do your own research. Read books of those who healed from cancer in conjunction with western medicine or without.

There is so much out there. Look into Chris Beats Cancer: his book, Youtube and Instagram. Fantastic interviews. How to Starve Cancer Without Starving Yourself by Jane McLelland is another great book. I also have a blog posting on recommended books.

Here is just one article of so many on the effects of sugar on cancer cells.

I shudder to think how I was fueling my cancer with food. I had 4 tumors. And even more frightening- those currently in cancer treatment unknowingly feeding their body (and cancer) large amounts of sugar.

I wrote two posts on sugar, and how I transitioned to natural sugar.

In addition to sugar, dairy and gluten were the first to go. They cause inflammation in the gut, where approximately 68% of our immune tissues are located. Chronic inflammation breeds disease. I write about inflammation here.

Sneak Peak into My Shopping Carts

Alongside my own nutrition research, I worked with Malerie Giaimo,a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, here in Cleveland, Ohio. Malerie also offers virtual consultations. Along with being my acupuncturist, Malerie was my wellness coach and integral to my healing. She put together a comprehensive diet plan that we altered depending on my body's needs. We met weekly for the first 4 months. Best of all, she let me cheat (just a little)! Once a week, I allowed myself a treat...usually a freshly baked croissant from my favorite bakery. Mmmm!

But back to vegetables!

Lots of organic leafy greens, carrots, brussels sprouts, natural sugar snacks, almonds and apples (leave the skin on)! Almonds pack anti-cancer properties. Google it. Flax oil or flaxseed is one of the top anti-cancer foods known to reduce breast cancer growth and spread.

You'll see here dairy-free yogurt and milk (coconut milk or almond), low sugar jelly, more organic fruits and vegetables, and lentil and quinoa chips. I also like cauliflower chips. Much of this is personal taste. I love munchies, and even better dipped in guacamole or hummus! Blackberries and blueberries are strong antioxidants

Stir-fry ingredients. There was a point where I was tired of eating raw food. Malerie wanted me to eat more cooked food. Why? Cooked foods are easier for the body to digest, giving it more energy to fight the cancer.

I ate LOTS of broccoli and broccoli sprouts. Super POWERFUL cancer fighters! I write about why, here

White rice in moderation. It's also easier to digest than brown rice.

My smoothie fail. Like green goop!

Proteins and fats. Free range eggs and organic vegetables. When I could, everything I ate was organic. Your body doesn't need to deal with pesticides and sprays on top of all else!

PH Alkaline water. I drank this almost exclusively. Cancer cannot live in alkaline environments. This is a water refill station at Whole Foods. You can also buy alkaline bottled water. Essentia is a brand I drink. If you can't do alkaline, please be sure not to drink tap water. It's often laden with chemicals-sometimes cancer causing. Look to Environmental Working Group Database for water quality in your area.

Being that skin is our largest organ, think about all the shower water absorbed into our body. Yikes. I know many people who put filters on their shower heads.

Treats! Look for high contents of cacao (don't confuse with cocoa). Cacao has anti-cancer compounds because of its high antioxidant count (40x that of blueberries)! The HU brand may be costly, but I could make this delicious bar last a week. It's the absolute closest to yummy chocolate. They also make other treats! I write about my beloved chocolate here

Are you hungry? I am. Even though my cancer is gone, I still eat this way. I have a newfound respect and love for my body. It did an amazing job in helping me to heal, and I am in awe of its power. I want to keep it healthy and happy.

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