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The Verdict is In

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

My breast knew best. She was right all along.

In my last blog, I wrote how she caused everyone much confusion. Including myself. The scans weren't conclusive, and I was left to believe that my immunotherapy treatments (Herceptin and Perjeta) weren't working.

But they were.

Three weeks ago, I had a mastectomy- the only way to determine what was going on. The pathology results were phenomenal! There was less than 1mm of cancer left in the breast. Once again, my body responded beautifully to the treatments (and everything else I was doing). The breast scar tissue was hiding the results. And thus, the confusion with the imaging.

Big sigh. Of course, I am thrilled, grateful and humbled by God's hand on my healing. All of this will soon be in my past for good. The treatments I now have are preventative. But even more relief that I listened to my what body was showing me and continued on with the treatments. I no longer had scans and imaging to rely on. And while I respected a team of medical experts, I had to trust myself. Imaging VS Instinct.

Because in the end, no one knows your body better than you.

Many people have asked me if I now regret having the mastectomy. No. I didn't want to live wondering anymore. And it's a relief. But best of all, I made that decision from a position of strength. Not fear. For I knew that I had done the very best I could and, amongst all the pressure to hurry, trusted in my own timing.

Now it was up to my body to shine and show what was happening behind the scenes. She rocked that pathology report.

And so when I look at that empty spot on my chest, it reminds me of being a kid. Flat. In a way it's like starting over with that inner child, me. Being loving, nurturing and kind this time.

But that's another story to come.

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