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I Promise Not To Sing Out Loud...But You Can!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Back in the days when I was a Montessori preschool teacher, we had circle time. Growing up, I am sure you did too. A time of squirming, picking your nose, sharing family news: "My mom didn't wear underwear today," and at some point listening and learning. Being a children's writer, I loved to read picture books aloud. However, I felt pressured to teach them songs.

One of my students was a spunky 4 year-old named Marlina. She ruled the roost and never minced words. I'm sure right now she is running a small country. Marlina had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting too close as I sang a song that I have forever blocked from my memory.

She squished up her face, slapped her hands over her ears, and bellowed: "No, Miss Kelly. STOP!"

And thankfully (my friends and family would agree) that was the end of my singing for an crowd.

Fast forward to a zillion years later. I often ask for spiritual guidance before I write these blogs. I had an idea to write about the songs that inspired me, but should I? Yesterday, I was listening to a nationwide spiritual radio station, Air1 and heard the DJ talking about a text she had received from a listener. The woman works remotely from home and listens to the station all day. The songs bring her so much strength and comfort.

She has cancer.

The answer to my question couldn't have been more clear.

I am a believer in many faiths. These are some of the songs that came across my path, often at the moments I needed them most. My brother says that God is my DJ. But it's true. The songs were constant reminders that I was never alone and that miracles and healing were taking place. Empowering.

There is scientific proof out there of the powerful healing effect singing has on our body and spirit. So go ahead, belt it out and believe!

P.S: I do too.

Lauren Daigle

Elevation Worship-The original version is shorter-this one has people from all over the world singing. So amazing!

Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs

Hillsong Worship

Leeland- This one speaks over disease and cancer

Travis and Lily Cottrell

Brian and Jenn Johnson

Josh Groban

Frankie Laine ( It was my grandfather's favorite song. Beautiful lyrics)

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